Couple's Therapy Gift Set
  • Couple's Therapy Gift Set


    Are you ready to reconnect with that someone or strengthen your bond and take your intimacy to new levels. Well our Couple's Therapy Gift Set will have you ready for more than just the sheets. Intimacy isn't always what keeps a relationship health, the bond and connect helps as well. So let our Couples Therapy create that everlasting bond.


    Enjoy our Couples Therapy Gift Set which Includes:

    (4) 1oz Herbal Tea Blend

           1- Between The Sheets Tea

           2- Love Potion #13 Tea

           3- Sex In A Tea Cup Tea

           4- Carry On Tea

    (3)  Herbal Bath Soak

           1- Adore Me

           2- Radiant Love

           3- Intimacy

    (2) 100% Organic Cotton Reusable Tea Bags

    (2) 2oz Rose and Calendula Facial Toner